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What to Know About Florida Auto Glass Laws
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What to Know About Florida Auto Glass Laws

Driving with a damaged windshield can be a hazardous experience, and each state has different laws regarding cracks and damage to the glass. Sooner or later, repair or replacement will be likely, and Florida drivers will find that the Sunshine State has specific laws that need to be followed.

So, with all that in mind, the Quality Counts Auto Glass experts are here with the breakdown of all the ins and outs of Florida’s auto glass laws.

What Are the Laws Around Cracked Windshields in Florida?

Simply put, Florida laws don't mention damage or cracked windshields if the driver's vision is not obstructed, but other regulations can make driving with one illegal. Local rules state that chips or cracks smaller than three-quarters of an inch are permitted if not within three inches of another crack.

Additionally, the cracks must not be near or directly between the top of the steering wheel and the top of the windshield because this will impede the driver's ability to see the road clearly and can interfere with the vehicle's safety. This also includes having working wipers and no unapproved or unmandated stickers, signs, or coverings across the windshield.

Aside from the increased risk of driving a vehicle that has damage to the windshield, If you get pulled over, it will be up to the police officer as to whether you will get a non-moving citation. Chances are, unless the crack is on the passenger side and in a corner, there is a higher chance of paying a fine or being required to repair or replace the windshield altogether.

How Does Florida Address Windshield Damage?

Fortunately, if you have chips or cracks, they are repaired for free in Florida if you have comprehensive on your vehicle. The insurance companies are required to pay for any replacement or repair needed, so your deductible is waived, giving you free windshield replacement.

Get Expert Windshield Repair and Replacement in Florida

Putting off repairing your windshield is never recommended because it's a potentially dangerous and illegal scenario that not only puts you and your passengers in jeopardy but reduces the value of your vehicle. Keeping yourself safer starts with professional services, and the Quality Counts auto glass team has been a trusted name for over 15 years for auto glass replacement and ADAS calibration.

Our streamlined services simplify the process, and we offer an exclusive lifetime warranty, so call 941-251-7817 or message us online for your free quote today.

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