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What Goes Into the Cost of an Auto Glass Replacement?
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What Goes Into the Cost of an Auto Glass Replacement?

On average, replacing a driver-side or standard car window costs between $150 and up; windshields can be much higher, but this will vary based on the details of your vehicle and its features.

From the glass type to advanced technology, it all affects the price. So our team is here with some expert guidelines as to what goes into the overall cost of replacing your auto glass.

What Factors Go into the Cost of Replacement?

Dealing with broken auto glass is frustrating and should be fixed as quickly as possible. While it's not always cut-and-dry, the most common factors that will affect the price include:


The damage sustained will be the first factor, and the smaller the damage, the more likely a repair can be completed. However, if the cracks are more than three inches or the chips are more than an inch in diameter, it will require a total replacement.

Technology Involved

Many vehicles now come with advanced technologies like driver assist. These features are in place to help keep individuals in the vehicle safer while on the road, and if the repair involves a windshield, the ADAS needs recalibration to ensure its functioning properly.

Damage Location

The location where the damage occurred will also play a part in the cost, and some areas may be more challenging to replace than others. While side windows may be easier to replace, damage on the windshield can take extra time and steps to complete and come at a higher cost.

Vehicle Type

Each manufacturer will have different customizations, and the vehicles can use different types of glass. There are various shapes and sizes, and the glass for a Mercedes will typically require a different type than one for a Chevrolet.

Luxury models can increase this cost significantly because, in most cases, picking an OEM product over an aftermarket is recommended to ensure accuracy and proper fit.

When You Need Professional Glass Installation or Repair, Call Quality Counts Auto Glass

No one wants to deal with needing to replace their auto glass, and if you need expert services, Quality Counts Auto Glass has you covered. With over 15 years as a locally and family-owned business in Florida, we are your specialists for auto glass replacement, and we offer mobile services to help make the process easier for you.

Get your free quote today on replacement or repair services by calling us at 941-251-7817 or messaging us online to connect with our team.

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