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What Are The Differences Between Auto Glass Adhesives?

What Are The Differences Between Auto Glass Adhesives?

It’s hazardous to drive around with a broken windshield because it can suddenly shatter and block your field of vision, which increases your chance of being in an accident. That's why it's so crucial to get your windshield replaced or repaired immediately to avoid unnecessary expenses or danger.

Most people should ask, but few consider the differences between auto glass adhesives when going to the auto glass repair shop. Since adhesives hold together the windshield, which provides significant stability and structure to the car, it is surprising that it isn’t one of the first things you’d think of when going for auto glass repairs.

Read through this quick walkthrough blog to discover what auto glass adhesive does and the differences between adhesive options.

What Does an Auto Glass Adhesive Do?

Before a car manufacturer or auto glass specialist can put in a new windshield, they must apply an auto glass adhesive around the frame and the edge of the windshield itself.

Auto glass adhesives hold the windshield in place, ensuring that it doesn’t shift or pop out and can withstand impacts well, protecting you and your passengers in the process.

What’s the Difference Between an Adhesive and a Sealant?

The easiest way of learning the difference between an adhesive and a sealant is by knowing when and where the two are applied. Unlike auto glass adhesives, sealants are chemical-based products that fill windshield gaps, so water and dust don’t get through. However, like adhesives, sealants shouldn’t be used to fill windshield cracks.

Both adhesives and sealants are applied to the edge of the windshield frame. However, sealants are applied while the windshield is still connected to the car.

What Are the Most Common Adhesive Options?

When picking the best adhesive option: the stronger, the better.

Your go-to option should be polyurethane because it has the highest bonding strength compared to alternatives, such as urethane- and silicone-based adhesives. OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) recommend polyurethane over other types due to its elasticity, strength in holding your windshield during rollovers, abrasion and weather resistance, and long-term durability.

Quality Auto Glass Picks the Right Adhesive Option for Your Vehicle

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