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Smashed Car Window? Here's What to Do
Quality Counts Auto Glass

Smashed Car Window? Here's What to Do

A smashed car window is the last thing someone expects to find when they return to their vehicle. From vandalism to falling tree limbs, multiple scenarios can cause a window to shatter.

No matter the case, this can leave you feeling frustrated and stuck and needing to deal with the aftermath. Before you seek professional auto glass replacement services, there are a few steps to handle first.

Document the Evidence

Even if it's obvious that the damage has occurred from something like a tree branch falling on the window, before you proceed with any other steps, make sure you document any damages to the glass and vehicle, including:

  • Take photos of any damages or evidence

  • Include video footage for extra support

  • Write down any notes about the scene you feel are important

If you suspect someone has vandalized your vehicle, take photos or videos of the exterior and interior. Visually inspect the area for missing items, but avoid disrupting the space until you have filed an incident report in case law enforcement needs to get evidence.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Your next step will be to inform your insurance company about the damages so you can start your claim to complete your repair. If you do suspect malicious intent, it is recommended to file a police report, and if items like bank cards or your wallet have been stolen, be sure to contact the companies and place a fraud notification on your accounts.

Clean Up the Area

The chances are high that the glass shards will be everywhere, so find a vacuum and clean up as much of the mess as possible. And because the glass can stick to the fibers and carpeting, keep any pets or children clear of the area and remember to empty the vacuum before storing it.

Patch the Window

Driving with damaged windows can be dangerous, so we recommend you have your vehicle towed directly to the auto glass shop or your home. If you need to wait for the repair, patch the window temporarily with a heavy piece of tarp and tape that won't damage your paint's finish.

Contact a Professional Repair Company

After you file the claim, your insurance company will give you an estimate, and you can schedule the repair. Our technicians are happy to assist you; we offer in-house or mobile repair services for your convenience and will get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. 

Your Trusted Name in Expert Window Services

If your windshield is smashed or damaged, you need a trusted name to help you through the process, and Quality Counts Auto Glass delivers! Our family-owned company has been providing expert services in Florida for over 50 years, and we always offer free quotes whether you need a windshield replacement or ADAS calibration.

Only trust the experts when it comes to your car window repair; message us online or call us at 941-251-7817 to connect with our team today!

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