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A Guide to the Different Types of Auto Glass

A Guide to the Different Types of Auto Glass

It might seem like auto glass is a straightforward subject; however, it's more complex than you might think. Depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle and the location of the repair or replacement, the type of glass needed and the steps will change. 

The Quality Counts Auto Glass team wants you to have the best option for your vehicle, so we are here to explore the different types of auto glass available.


Tempered glass is built to be tougher, and it's typically called safety glass because it has enhanced durability and strength. A chemical treatment or thermal process is used when the glass is manufactured, and the tempering process requires extensive cooling and heating. 

This makes the glass more potent, so if it's smashed, it forms an interlocking web-like design instead of shattering.


Laminated is formed between two or more glass layers. It's a sandwich-style design that uses pressure and heat to bond the layers together for more strength and to reduce injuries in car accidents. While it was initially designed for vehicles due to its durability, it has branched out and been used in other environments.

Side & Rear Window

In most situations, both rear and side windows use tempered glass because of its enhanced safety. If there's an impact, the tempered glass will break into smaller pieces, which reduces some of the risks for passengers. As a bonus, it's also more resistant to scratches and has improved clarity and visibility.

Panoramic & Sunroofs

Luxury vehicles often have panoramic roofs or sunroofs that use SmartGlass technology. This option is designed to change its opacity or tint, which can reduce glare and increase comfort levels while improving energy efficiency through a film that can be changed with just the touch of a button.

Unique Trends Coming Available

With augmented reality becoming a popular option, it's also starting to trend in the auto glass sector. Technicians use AR devices to place digital information into the auto glass, which helps them perform repairs, diagnostics, and calibrations.

Self-healing glass is another emerging area. These are made from materials that can make small repairs to damages and scratches. While this is still being developed, it does offer a potential option that can improve the longevity of auto glass by reducing the need for repairs.

Expert Auto Glass Replacement in Bradenton

No matter the type of glass you choose, getting a professional installation is one of the most important parts. When you need experts in the business, Quality Counts Auto Glass has you covered! From windshield replacement to ADAS calibration, we do it all and even offer mobile services to help save you some time.

We don't compromise on quality, and neither should you, so give our Bradenton office a call at 941-251-7817 or send us a message online for your free quote.