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8 Things to Do If You Have a Smashed Window
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8 Things to Do If You Have a Smashed Window

Unfortunately, having a smashed window is unavoidable at most times. Whether someone is breaking into your car or it is damaged in an accident, a smashed window is a major inconvenience that should be handled as quickly as possible. However, there are a few steps you should take before getting your car window repaired or replaced.

The auto glass repair experts from Quality Counts Auto Glass in Bradenton, FL, have come up with a list of seven things you need to do if you have a smashed window. Keep reading to learn how to best protect yourself and avoid unnecessary fees from mishandling insurance claims.

1. Call Police to Your Current Location

Once your window is smashed, unless it is due to an accident or natural disaster, your car and the nearby area become a crime scene. To catch the perpetrator and file a police report, you’ll need to call the police to your current location. Make sure to get your license, registration, and insurance info on standby while you wait.

Because it is an active crime scene, be careful of your surroundings because there is likely shattered glass near you. Also, try to speak with people nearby and ask if they saw someone break your window.

2. Look for Missing Belongings

Once the police are on their way, look into your car to see if anything is missing; that way, you can give the police a more accurate report. It is important not to obstruct or mess with your car too much until you document the scene and the police arrive.

Here are some valuable belongings that are often targeted if left out:

  • Wallets and Purses

  • Phone

  • Electronics

  • Money

  • Jewelry

  • Laptops

  • Car Keys

3. Document the Scene

In the meantime, while you await the police, take pictures of your car and the surrounding area. Make sure to take photos of your car from multiple angles. Don’t forget to take pictures of the interior, as well.

It doesn’t really matter if you document the scene or check for your belongings first.

4. Contact Your Insurance Provider and File a Claim

Once the police have finished filing their report, it is time to contact your insurance provider to file a claim. You can typically do this from your smartphone through an app or by calling.

You should contact your insurance provider, even if your deductible won’t cover all the damage, just to share what happened. Do this before bringing your car in for repairs, so you can then have the auto glass professionals help with the insurance claim process.

5. Clean Nearby Broken Glass

It isn’t safe to drive with broken glass in your car, nor to leave it where your car was parked. Purchase or leave a glove or towel in your trunk, so you don’t damage your hands. A vacuum cleaner and broom are probably more effective but less practical if you’re away from home.

6. Cover the Window

Regarding packing things in your car, garbage bags are great for covering your window so shards don't fly out or inside the vehicle. Additionally, garbage bags will help you discard broken glass.

7. Contact a Professional Auto Glass Repair Expert

Once the window is covered, repair the glass as soon as possible. The technician will remove the molding strip, adhesives, and remaining glass for a thorough start. The window frame is primed to ensure the new adhesive bonds, and once it's ready, the new windshield is installed, and a layer of adhesive will be used to ensure it is stable. On occasion, mirrors or wipers are removed to keep them as safe as possible during the process and will be reinstalled for an expert finish.

8. Consider Your ADAS System

Your ADAS system is critical to ensuring your vehicle is safer on the road and comes with multiple features:

  • Adaptive cruise control

  • Backup camera assist

  • Lane departure or assist warnings

  • Pedestrian monitoring

Every feature has a sensor and camera on your vehicle because most are attached to the front and rear windshields; if any collision or jarring motion has occurred, regardless of whether it's the side or rear, the ADAS system can be affected and may need calibration to ensure the safety measures are working correctly.

The ADAS is complex, so if you have any concerns about it being affected, check with a trained technician to ensure the system is working correctly.

Get Assistance From Your Local Auto Glass Repair Shop

If your window has recently shattered, drop by Quality Counts Auto Glass if you are in Bradenton or any of our other service areas for assistance. Our team has been providing exceptional services for over 15 years and we will come to you with our convenient mobile repair option, because we know your time is important.

Contact us online or give us a call at 941-251-7817 to learn more about our repair services.

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