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Quality Counts for Professional Auto Glass Repair

Whatever auto glass concerns you have, we’re here to help. Quality Counts Auto Glass provides professional auto glass repair services throughout Bradenton and surrounding locations. Our experienced technicians have served this area proudly for more than 15 years!

No matter the make or model of your vehicle, we do whatever it takes to repair your car window as fast and efficiently as possible. Check out our before and after gallery for professional results!

Why Choose Our Windshield Experts for Repairs?

Quality Counts Auto Glass is proud to be a family owned and operated car window repair business serving the Bradenton area and beyond. With nearly two decades of auto glass repair experience, we’re passionate about providing services to ensure your vehicle looks and performs at its best.

Choose our team for services that go above and beyond what you have experienced from other auto glass repair companies! The proof is in our reviews.

Our Customers Enjoy 5-Star Services

Whether your windshield is completely cracked or your side window has a few minor chips, driving with auto glass damage is not recommended. Plus, you should get the insurance process started right away if you have coverage.

Choose Quality Counts as your local auto glass repair company to take advantage of our complimentary services:

  • Same-day repair services (depending on parts availability)
  • Free, no-obligation quotes on all repair and replacement projects
  • Top-quality auto glass repair for any make or model of vehicle
  • Exclusive lifetime warranties on all of our auto glass repair work
  • Mobile services and off-site repair help
  • All insurances accepted and available insurance claim process assistance
  • Complete sanitation of your vehicle once our repair work is done
  • Se Habla Español!

Auto Glass Repair Services for All Vehicle Windows

Our auto glass repair process begins with a professional assessment of your vehicle’s damage. We examine your car windows thoroughly and present you with the best course of restorative action moving forward.

Quality Counts Auto Glass specializes in repairing all kinds of car windshields and window damage. Get a free quote today on any auto glass repair!


The most common type of auto glass damage, chips, are typically caused by small rocks or debris flying up and chipping off a piece of glass from your windshield, side window, or rear windshield.

These fractures can be quickly filled in by our repair technicians and should be treated as soon as possible to prevent further window damage from spreading

Star Chips & Bullseyes

Any cracks with circular patterns that resemble a star or bullseye will make your windshield or window more vulnerable to potential shattering. (Not to mention increase its fragility.)

While star chips and bullseyes are more severe than the average window chip, repair is often possible without a full-on windshield or window replacement.

Stress Cracks

Chips are caused by various types of debris, while stress cracks tend to result from environmental circumstances, such as extreme temperature fluctuations.

Stress cracks are often found in the shape of long lines and will significantly increase the odds of your window shattering if not promptly repaired.

Combination Breaks

Do you have more than one type of windshield damage? Any combination of the above types of window damage is called a combination break.

Combination breaks should be attended to immediately, especially if it impairs vision on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Trust Quality Counts for All Your Auto Glass Repair Needs

Putting off major or minor auto glass repairs could cost you even more in the long run. No matter what kind of blemish your car window has endured, Quality Counts Auto Glass will handle your vehicle with precision and care. Get started today: Call or send a message to our experts!


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